A bold and open-minded pioneer in jewelry design since 1937

Behind Kalevala jewelry there are a number of top Finnish designers, as well as internationally recognized designers and artists.

In the hands of our designers, the power of northern nature, the Finnish soul landscape and culture are interpreted as timeless and interesting design jewelry. All Kalevala jewelry is united by insightful design, skillful Finnish craftsmanship and responsible manufacturing.


Designers' masterpieces

Björn Weckström I Iconic Planetoid Valleys

Anni Ruuth I Beloved Summer Night Rose

Juslin Maunula I Inspiring Alluring

Antonio Mazzamauro I Classic Kosmos

hàlo I Timeless Tundra

Taru Harmaala Chaloff I Innovative Nolla

Lina Simons I Captivating Amulets

Tiina Arkko I Energetic Circle of Light

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