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Ringrusrieha gold rings discount up to -60%

Popular ring riot now in our online store and in our Kalevala Outlet store. You can find discontinued gold and white gold rings at a special price of up to -60%.

In addition, individual bronze and silver rings found in our factory's caches up to -60% and a wide selection of used and serviced Pidetty rings in the outlet's ring rush in Konala, Helsinki.

Fall in love with our spring novelties.
The new additions to the Summer Night Rose series are a ring, as well as a mini pendant and mini earrings in bronze, silver and now also in gold.

More charming options have been added to the selection of crosses: Four-leaf clover and Filigree.

Our Novelties and Season's Best Jewelry

Kesäyön ruusu -miniriipus kulta
Kesäyön ruusu -miniriipus kulta

Kesäyön ruusu -miniriipus kulta

Regular price 1.190,00 €
Regular price Sale price 1.190,00 €
Anni Ruuth
Kesäyön ruusu -sormus hopea
Kesäyön ruusu -sormus hopea

Kesäyön ruusu -sormus hopea

Regular price 195,00 €
Regular price Sale price 195,00 €
Anni Ruuth
Galaktinen tuuli -korvakorut – Kalevala-koru

Galaktinen tuuli -korvakorut hopea

Regular price 440,00 €
Regular price Sale price 440,00 €
Björn Weckström
Filigraani-ristiriipus hopea zirkonia

Filigraani-ristiriipus hopea zirkonia

Regular price 125,00 €
Regular price Sale price 125,00 €
Tiina Arkko

The World of Kalevala

Kalevala jewelry is timeless design. They are like miniature sculptures meant to be used in everyday life and during celebrations. Today and tomorrow.

Kalevala Preloved

Kalevala Preloved is our secondhand service, where you can exchange your old Kalevala and Lapponia jewelry for a Kalevala gift card easily, quickly and safely.

Icons and future classics

The nine decades of Finland's most beloved jewelry brand can hold a lot.

Do you still remember these?

Finnish handcraft

Our factory is in Helsinki, Finland

All Kalevala jewelry has always been handmade in Finland. Kalevala jewelry is made in our state-of-the-art factory in Helsinki, in collaboration with more than 70 jewelry professionals. Making jewelry is largely manual work, even though we use the latest cutting-edge technology.

How many pairs of hands does a piece of jewelry go through before it is finished?
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