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Suunto Guiding Star

The sources of inspiration for the jewelry created as a collaboration between Suunto and Kalevala Jewelry are the moonlit winter nights of the North and the North Star, which has shone as a guide for explorers since ancient times. The Suunto Guiding Star is a stylish and useful piece of jewelry with two sides: on the front side is a working compass with the North Star pointing north, and on the other side is the North Starry Sky. Made in Finland, the pendant contains a genuine Suunto compass, but the product is not intended for precise navigation. The compass is balanced for the northern hemisphere. "It's always exciting to see a piece of jewelry you've designed on a person and think about what kind of journeys the jewelry can take," says Lina Simons, who designed the jewelry and compass graphics.

Design by Lina Simons

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Suunto Guiding Star Necklace
Suunto Guiding Star Necklace
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Suunto Guiding Star Necklace

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